PDF Blank Page Splitter

AWinware PDF Blank Page Splitter is a Windows program which helps in splitting document by the blank pages inside the pdf document. Tool splits already scanned pdf files in batch mode. It works in two modes one splits document by blank pages position and another splits pdf into two parts (non-blank pages & blank pages). Second mode can also be used as pdf blank page remover, helps in breaking pdf into two parts content pages and blank pages. Option is available not to save the blank pages on disk.
PDF Blank Page Splitter

How it works:

Tool loads each scan pdf in memory and looks for blank page one by one. Pdf blank page split tool reads each pixel of every page for black & white pixels and consider a page to be blank if it contains less than specified percentage of black pixels. Set the threshold value for a page to mark blank in setting panel. User need to set a template of blank page by setting the workspace to read the pixels. AWinware pdf blank page splitter lets user to define the page margins to cut the edges of scan papers. Just drag the mouse over the page preview to select a workspace area.

How to use:

Install and run AWinware Blank Page Splitter on Windows and import pdf documents to enlist in program window. Add files or Add Folder option is provided to load pdf files. Choose one of the split methods and start pdf split process. Tool prompts to adjust required parameters every time user starts a new split process.

Download Free PDF Blank Page Splitter Evaluation Version - Fast and Easy to Use.
Blank Page Splitter
point3 System requirements:
Size: 907 KB
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 10 MB
Processor: Pentium class processor

Key Features:

1. It has capability to process specific file or all files of a folder or sub-folder.
2. Tool window can be resized up to full screen mode.
3. It has option to split pdf by blank pages as well as removal of blank pages.
4. Program creates a log file of each processed document.
5. Tool has inbuilt setting panel to re-name output pdf files automatically.
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