AWinware PDF Page Replace
AWinware PDF page replace software provides capability to replace any page of PDF files with another PDF file pages. Software easily creates new PDF file with replaced pages. This tool is useful for those users who need to replace first page, last page, middle page or any other specified page with another PDF page(s).

Key Features:
•Software provides batch PDF replace.
•It Supports password protected and encrypted pdf documents.
•Tool Is compatible with all Windows OS.
•Software saves output pdf at user defined location.

Affordable PDF Page Replace software
System Requirements
OS:Microsoft® Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above
RAM: 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
Free Hard Disk: 10 MB space for installation
How to register AWinware PDF Page Replaces
AWinware PDF Page Replace is not freeware. You may install the trial version of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT to test and evaluate it. You must register the product to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT permanently.

After installing full version of AWinware PDF Page Replace, run the application, a product registration window will appear. Within 48 hours after the payment transaction has been processed, you will receive an e-mail containing necessary registration information. Email provides you the download link of full version software and a registration key to register the product. Enter the registration key and user name in appearing window. Now the product is registered.

register AWinware PDF Page Replace
How to use AWinware PDF Page Replace
When user starts the program, the following interface appears. After that, follow the steps given below to proceed:
AWinware PDF Page Replace

Add PDF Files or Folder
• Add pdf documents using the ADD FILES or ADD FOLDERS buttons. This option selects those pdf documents in which you want to replace pages. ADD FILES button selects desired files to add in the list while ADD FOLDER button selects whole directory files at once. (Call this PDF as X.pdf)

Add pdf files

If document is password protected, it will appear is RED color in list. Right click on RED colored document, and choose ENTER PASSWORD option from context menu to enter password. Now user password column will be highlighted to enter password.


• If you need to remove any item form the list or need to clear all list, use REMOVE and REMOVE ALL buttons:
remove list

Select PDF to insert:
Now select that pdf documents which pages you wish to transfer into previously selected pdf. (Call this PDF as Y.pdf)
insert list

Select Pages to replace in X.PDF:
Enter the page number to be replaced in X.pdf with Y.pdf pages. Each page number should be separated with comma (,).
pdf page number

Select Replace method:



Detailed definitions of these methods are given below:
Method (1)

Selected pages of X.pdf will be replaced by all pages of Y.pdf. In following example page number 2 of X.pdf is replaced by all pages of Y.pdf. Thus output.pdf contains X1, Y1, Y2, Y3, X3.
Method 1

Method (2)
Method 2

X.pdf pages will be replaced by corresponding pages of Y.pdf. In following example, page number 2 of x.pdf is replaced by page number 2 of Y.pdf. Thus output.pdf contains X1, Y2, X3.
Method 2

Method (3)
Instead of replacing any page in X.pdf, this method inserts all pages of Y.pdf into X.pdf immediately after selected page number. In following example, all pages of Y.pdf pdf is inserted into X.pdf immediately after page number 2 and created new output.pdf file.
Method 3

Set output settings:
Select save path of output.pdf using browse button browse button. User can set the output file name with two options:
Use same file name: Choosing this option, output file name will be same as input pdf i.e. X.pdf.
Add Suffix: Choosing this option adds suffix in output file name i.e. X_replaced.pdf. ‘_replaced’ is default suffix. Users can set their own desired suffix.
process pdf

Finally press START PROCESS button start button to commit page replace process.
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