AWinware PDF Split and Merge – User Documentation
AWinware PDF Split and Merge is an advanced utility providing facility to split, merge and remove PDF pages in a single application. User can also remove PDF blank pages. Here is step by step guide for how to use PDF Split and Merge Software.

After installing the software, launch the application, a Window will appear to ask you to add PDF files, which you want to process. Three modes for adding files are:
1. ADD Files: User can add selected files only by pressing Add files button.
2. ADD Folder: User can add all the files residing in a folder in a single click by pressing Add Folder button.
3. Drag n Drop: User can also drag PDF files on software panel and can drop here to add files.

User can remove unwanted PDF documents from the list by pressing Remove button.

Up and Down arrow button are provided to set the order of PDF documents in which you want to process them, like the order of files before merging.

Set the output location where you want to save the resultant PDF documents.

Note: If a document is password protected, an icon of lock will be displayed in adjacent of file(s) as shown below. To unlock this file, simply right click on the locked file and click on Enter Password option.

PDF split merger Software

Press setting button, a windows will display as below. Apply various settings and press OK button. To cancel new changes, press Cancel button.


User can set various options to process document like Merge PDF files, Split PDF Files, Remove pages from PDF files.
choose action pdf split merge

Note: By default Merge PDF option is selected.

Merge PDF files:
On setting window, user can set the method of merging like merging all pages, odd pages only, even pages only and custom set pages e.g. 1, 5-9, 12, 30…

Merge pdf pages

Split PDF files:
To split PDF files, choose Split PDF files option. Here user can set the number of pages per file after splitting. User can also split PDF files by odd pages, even pages or by part e.g. 1, 5-9, 12, 30...

split pdf pages

Remove PDF pages:
To remove some pages from an existing PDF document, choose this option. Here user can remove odd pages, even pages and part of files like e.g. 1, 5-9, 12, 30...
remove pdf pages

User can set PDF files properties just like its Author name, Title, Subject and Keywords.
Note: By default computer user name will be used as Author.

pdf splitter

User can retain the original PDF Meta data by checking the check box named " Keep as in source file".

Here you can encrypt PDF files before creating the output. User can set PDF open password, owner password and various other permissions.

security pdf

If user wants to create new bookmark on merged PDF document, tick the bookmark option on setting window. PDF file name without extension will be used as bookmark name.

pdf bookmark

restore setting
Press restore default button to set all settings to factory setting.
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