AWinware PDF Watermark - How to use

Using Pdf Watermark:
After running application, you will be presented with the first main screen as shown below:

PDF Watermark
Import Pdf file(s):

Use add file or add folder button to import Adobe pdf documents into program window. List shows file name, password (if any), pages and file location on disk. If document is protected with open password security, a pop-up Window appears on screen to ask you to enter the correct open password.

Set watermark text:

Here input the text string which you wish to add on page as watermark.
watermark text
Select page(s) to apply watermark:

Tool provides option to apply watermark on all the pages of any pdf file as well as on selected pages only. Available options are All Pages, Odd Pages, Even Pages and Custom Pages. select
Set watermark text properties:

In this section, you can select Font name you want use, Font style (Regular, italic, Bold and Bold italic), Text underline, Font size, Render mode (Fill, Stroke, Fill and Stroke) and text and stroke color. properties
Select Embed font with the pdf file if the destination pdf computer does not have the same font installed.
Set watermark position, rotation and transparency:

Set watermark position on page by clicking on respective button here:

Set margins from top, bottom, left and right. Margins are in points. By default there are no margin selected. You can use up and down arrow to set the margin required direction.

Set the rotation of watermark. You are provided to rotate the text from -359 to +359 degree. Use up and down button to set the angle rotation.

Set the text transparency. Default value is 0%.
Select watermark Layer position:

Two options are available:
Watermark above the page content
Watermark beneath the page content.
Select the required one.
Set the output pdf location:

Use browse button to select the marked pdf (result) file path. Use open button to open the destination location.
Key feature of this tool is that you can preview the watermark before applying. Use preview Window to see the actual placing of text.
file name
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