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We here at AWinware, provide high performance custom software development service at affordable prices. There are possibilities that the existing version of our utilities may be failed to accomplish your required task. At this stage you are in requirement of customized software of our existing tools. We develops what you wants, perfectly comply your needs. Write us your requirement and we will develop it for you. AWinware Software promise to provide you all the benefits of custom-made software at reasonable cost. Customize Software development includes functionality extension, new feature integration, modification in interface design and Windows compatibility support etc. Below is the list of software products which may be of your interest:
awinware software Pdf Splitter Software:

• Split pdf by file size,
• Split pdf by Annotations,
• Split pdf by bookmarks,
• Split pdf by blank page,
• Split pdf by specific image or text,
• Split pdf by content like invoice number and customer name,
• Split pdf by page range,
• Automate pdf split process in un-attended mode etc,
• Extract & remove specific pages automatically within a folder.
awinware software Pdf Merger Software:
• Merge two or more pdf files when a pdf created or copied in a directory.
• Merge specific pages of each selected pdf files,
• Merge all odd pages,
• Merge all even pages,
• Merge all pages of each imported pdf.

awinware software Pdf Security Software:
• Remove password from encrypted pdf files automatically,
• Add & Remove password in each pdf of specific directory,
• Automate pdf encryption and decryption process without user involvement,
• Remove restrictions from pdf for editing, printing & content copying.
awinware software Pdf Converter:
• Convert images into Adobe pdf files,
• Convert Pdf into images in desired selected format,
• Convert pdf into Microsoft Word, RTC or Text,
• Convert Word file to Adobe pdf format.
awinware software Pdf Watermark:
• Automatically stamp watermark on pdf pages,
• Add header or footer note on each pdf,
• Pdf bates numberer/ Add page number on each page,
• Remove pdf watermark applied accidentally,
awinware software Other Software
• Add or remove pdf properties like pdf author, title, subject & keywords,
• Extract images from Adobe pdf files automatically.
• Extract comments/Annotations from Pdf.
• Replace or remove pdf blank pages.
There may other than the mentioned requirement. Write us the requirement for new product or functionality addition & features update in existing product, and we will provide you a solution to fulfill your needs. No advance payment required, work will be done at affordable price after trial version satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.
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See what our clients say:

awinware software I spent several weeks searching for a PDF file manipulation tool to perform a very specific set of PDF file splitter functions that were not addressed in any splitter application I could find in the market. I sent emails with our clearly stated needs and sample source PDF files to 15 PDF utility software developers, and received responses from only a few. Of the few respondents most said, "We can't do that," or "Why wouldn't our current product work?" (we did try their current trial products with our source PDF files, apparently they did not otherwise their response would not have been like that). Then along comes AWinware with a rapid response of, "Please try the custom application at the following link. If there is anything else you need please let us know." Wow! They actually built a solution and provided it to us for testing without demanding an initial development fee! And they sought further feedback, after which they actually went on to implement the recommended changes we provided them! We had them build two custom PDF file splitters, and licensed multiple copies without hesitation after proving to my associates that the solutions actually worked. Great attitude, great software, great pricing. Our productivity soared beyond what we had hoped for. Why would we ever go anywhere else for our PDF processing needs? We are beyond thrilled. awinware software - Gil Hale, USA

awinware software Software runs perfectly, exactly what I was looking for.That is a reasonable price for the customization and would be very interested in getting that done. awinware software
- Eric Hickson, Canada